How to play

Before you start

  • Make sure you use Chrome, Firefox or Edge browsers. The game will not run on Safari.
  • The game requires a keyboard and mouse/touch pad

To play

  • Click the ‘run game’ button, click full-screen button
  • Click inside the game (this will hide the cursor).
  • Use the arrow keys to move and move the mouse to look around
  • Follow the platform and venture through the archways. This ‘game’ has no end – play and observe for as long as you like.

To exit

  • Press the escape (‘Esc’) button on the keyboard. The cursor will reappear.
  • Press the escape (‘Esc’) button to exit full-screen

The World is a Work in Progress: Ama Dogbe Responds

How do you feel about the internet? For generations born into this increasingly digital era, as all manner of daily activities continue to move into online spaces, it can be hard even to consider something so familiar.
Ama Dogbe is a British-Ghanaian digital artist whose work engages with a range of personal and societal themes through digital mediums including experimental film, animation and video games. Continuing her recent work using interactive virtual world building as a tool to explore modern challenges and dilemmas, Ama has been commissioned by Attenborough Arts Centre to respond to the theme of our current exhibition, ‘The World is a Work in Progress’.

Ama has constructed a gleaming circular platform, in which visitors can meander between five exhibits. Digital sculpture and experimental film invite us into the all corners of the internet, from trending articles on Wiki-how that serve as a snapshot of this moment in time, to a distorted version of the artist’s own search history that reflects on our relationships with and illusions of privacy and control. Peering down on Google Earth offers perspectives on remoteness, connectivity and randomisation, whilst other films show forms of human and machine labour. These clips are not only commonplace, view-generating newsfeed content, but – amid crises of housing and hunger and a cultural resurgence towards older, slower ways of working – a contemplation of what is man-made, what is machine made, and what is destroyed.

This work is made available as part of Leicester Art Week, intended to increase access to the festival for those unable to attend in-person events at this time. Whether it connects or invades our lives, Ama Dogbe’s work offers us space to reflect on the internet; a world-building work in progress that spans the utopian, dystopian and somewhere in-between.

Created by Ama Dogbe

Sound produced by Louis Jack

Technical support by Kwame Dogbe

Part of  Leicester Art Week.