Comedy award success for Baron Munchausen and Attenborough Arts Centre

A man in black tie holding a celebratory sign, winning an award

The Leicester Comedy Festival awards happened last night, Monday 30 March, and although the event had to be streamed live over Facebook due to the lock-down, there were lots of cheers from around the city.

The cast of The Extraordinary Time-Traveling Adventures of Baron Munchausen and all the team at Attenborough Arts Centre may have been watching the ceremony on their laptops from all over the country but celebrated together when the production won the gong for Best Children’s show. Attenborough Arts Centre became a hub for children’s and family shows during the comedy festival and this is a perfect reward for their hard work.

The show, which takes the audience through the many adventures and misadventures of the titular Baron Munchausen, saw the cast thrown around time, battling pirates, mole-people, and even the tax office.

Michaela Butter, director of the Attenborough Arts Centre, said ‘this is a show we’ve supported over two festivals now (and a October half term), and I’m sure if you’ve met Nigel you’ll agree what a lovely person he is so we’re all delighted for him and that shows in our venue continue to be of the highest calibre.”

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