We are committed to championing all voices, as we improve access to the arts through our range of programmes, courses, outreach projects, performances and research.

In order to achieve our ambition, we need to raise funds to support our work which we do in a number of ways: one of which is with your help. Your donations helped create the space we call Attenborough Arts Centre in 1997, and two decades later to open our galleries.
Donation Page

Core Funders

We are so grateful to our two core funders whose funding enables us to provide a 7-day public service.

University of Leicester provides an annual grant to support our core staff and running costs in recognition of our value to both staff and students and the important role we play in acting as a bridge into local communities as well as the transformative role the arts can play in changing people’s lives.

 Arts Council England have awarded us 4 years of funding to be part of their National Portfolio with a grant of £210,800 per year. This has been used to increase our staffing capacity, develop opportunities for emerging artists through our programming, training and commissions, subsidise opportunities for lower income families and individuals to use our venue, and undertake work out in the community with school, disabled young people and their families and community groups.

Trusts and Foundations

Trusts and Foundations provide vital support for specific time limited projects, mainly linked to our outreach and education programme.

Current supporters include

  • Paul Hamlyn Foundation (2020-2023) supporting ground breaking work within SEN schools across Leicester/shire to champion the role of the arts in a creative and child centred curriculum.
  • Peter Sowerby Foundation (2021-2022)  – linked to strengthening our links into communities through creative digital projects.
  • Wellcome Trust ISSF (2015-2022) – to promote understanding in health and well being with a particular strand promoting collaboration between artists and academics.
  • Edith Murphy Foundation (2015-2022) – promoting a range of community based projects to promote health and well being.


Over the past 20 years our ability to champion inclusion has been transformed by the generosity of individuals who have left us bequests in their wills.

From the bequest of a house which we were able to sell to support the Gallery Capital appeal to individual smaller gifts between £100-£10,000 these bequests provide valuable leverage to other funds as well as support our work with children and young people.

With the interest from other significant bequests we are able to award prizes to talented musicians, service the University pianos and undertake work with specific local groups.


Your donations helped create the space we call Attenborough Arts Centre in 1997, and two decades later the same unfailing dedication saw over 1000 people contribute £5-£30,000, to reach our target of £1.5 million to open our galleries.

Alongside this, every year your generosity enables us to fund up to 10 students to access high quality music tuition during their time at the University from either local tutors or the prestigious Philharmonia Orchestra.

Over the years, families like Attenborough and Salmon have donated funds to enable us to improve access to our venue.

Other Ways to Support Us

Support our income generation schemes – we rely on people buying things from our shop, attending our paid events or participating on our creative learning courses. A little spent in our centre goes a long way to helping empower the many different people our centre includes, with every pound you spend getting reinvested back into our centre.

Your kindness is greatly appreciated.