Exhibition of various sculptures hanging from the ceiling and also on the floor

Yambe Tam’s Cosmic Garden

Saturday 18 September – Sunday 21 November 2021
Cosmic Garden’ is the result of a commission from Attenborough Arts Centre that builds upon an earlier installation presented at Barbican Arts Trust in 2019. The immersive sound and sculpture installation imagines a primordial garden that lies in darkness, a dry landscape of volcanic rock crushed and crystallised under the weight of time.
Yambe Tam (b.1989, US) is an artist based in London. She works across a wide range of media, from painting, ceramics and sculpture to video game design and virtual reality. Her practice is rooted in a deep interest in the evolution of consciousness which Yambe explores through the creation of contemplative, multi-sensory experiences. In the process of researching and making her work, Yambe regularly collaborates with specialists including composers, creative technologists and scientists.
A sketch of a plan for the exhibition with the various sculptures and objects hanging/laid out accordingly
Carbon Bell, 2019, jesmonite and hemp rope, 37 x 37 x 37 cm
In this exhibition, Metallic wormholes are suspended in the air above. They sing a ghostly chorus about the infinity of space: a faint siren song whose vibrations draw rippling columns that appear to grow from the mineral pool below. ‘Cosmic Garden’ is a birthplace of protean waveforms that shift between sound, light, and matter, and is a space that the artist invites us to enter and contemplate the transitory nature of things.

In creating ‘Cosmic Garden’, Yambe was particularly influenced by Japanese gardens, which are meticulously crafted according to particular aesthetics and philosophical ideas. These gardens are transitional environments designed to create a space for reflection upon the interconnectedness of life and the passage of time. Echoing the forms and function of the Japanese dry garden, ‘Cosmic Garden’ is a celebration of the formidable power and form of the natural world: from the depths of the oceans to the farthest reaches of outer space.

A room filled with sculptural art work, smaller sculptures are laid out on the table, whilst larger ones are on the floor.

About the Artist

Yambe Tam was born and raised in the American Midwest Town of Indianapolis. She studied Painting and Art History at the Maryland Institute of Art in Baltimore, graduating with a distinction. She then moved to the UK in 2016 to study for her MA in Painting at the Royal College of Art. Today, Tam continues to be based in the UK, where she works from her East London studio. Past solo exhibitions include, ‘Musica Universalis’ at the Barbican Arts Trust, London, UK and ‘Eternal Return’ in Raum Z13, Essen, Germany.


Tam uses non-traditional materials and techniques as mediums for her work. While studying for her MA in Painting, Tam began a natural and conscious transition from painting to sculpture, as the artist has always tried to express depth and three dimension in her paintings. She considers herself fluid in her medium by exploring multiple methods and perspectives. Tam gravitates towards immersive technologies, by embracing technological developments like VR (Virtual Reality), EEG (electroencephalogram , a recording of brain activity) and spatial audio (a way of creating sound in 360 degrees around a listener). Tam sees these mediums as tools that artists can use to reflect the changing world around them. Even Tam’s paintings are technologically supported as she paints directly from digitally generated objects and scenes that she 3D models.

As an artist, Tam is fascinated by individual experiences of place, space, and sound and what lies beyond the earthly experience and human consciousness. Her practice is guided by questions, and her artwork does not intend to answer these but instead seeks to translate abstract inquiries into physical objects and sensory experiences. Through collaborations with composers, creative technologists, and scientists, she creates contemplative, embodied experiences of speculative futures and invisible realities.

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