Two people standing on a pebbly sea shore holding up a sign reading: Help Art Save Lives


Art can make us feel better, express ourselves, make us think and spread happiness.

We are all powerful, even the smallest voice/action can have a massive impact.

We are all human, and human right are for everybody, but not everybody has equal access to the rights they are born with.

We want to change that. We want you to help us change that, and support charities working on the front line to save lives!

Created by Artist Bob and Roberta Smith and Jessica Voorsanger in 2021, #HelpArtSaveLives is a fundraising initiative where works of art are sold for a donation to a life-saving charity.

The idea started on Instagram where Bob and Roberta Smith sold watercolour paintings for a donation to the David Nott Foundation and has so far raised £7000 for the lifesaving charity.

Now Bob and Roberta Smith & Jessica Voorsanger invite us all to #HelpArtSaveLives 

wall mural saying teaching is beautiful

The #HelpArtSaveLives Challenge…

  1. Create a hopeful and joyous piece of art
  2. Share a photo of your artwork on social media with the hashtag #HelpArtSavelives
  3. Sell your hopeful and joyous artwork to family/ friends
  4. Donate the money raised to a human rights charity of your choice
  5. Send proof (e.g. screenshot/email confirmation) of your donation to

help art save lives banner

What happens next? 

  • You save lives with your artwork!
  • Receive a certificate to thank you for taking part
  • See AAC Social media / website for a #HelpArtSavelives fundraising totalizer!
  • Visit the AAC exhibition: The World is a Work in Progress at to see art that inspires us to think about how we can make the world a better place, for

a person looking at the banners in the gallery

Human Rights Charities

  • You are welcome to donate your money to any humanitarian charity you like, or to one of the charities chosen by Bob and Roberta Smith:
  • David Nott Foundation Trains war doctors; saving lives – delivering the specialist training that surgeons need to save more lives in areas of conflict and catastrophe.
  • Amnesty International works to protect people wherever justice, freedom, truth and dignity are denied.
  • Stonewall stands for lesbian, gay, bi, trans, queer, questioning and ace (LGBTQ+) people everywhere. They imagine a world where all LGBTQ+ people are free to be themselves and live their lives to the
  • Liberty challenges injustice, defends freedom and campaigns to make sure everyone in the UK is treated
  • Reprieve is a legal action non-governmental organisation (NGO). They are investigators, lawyers and campaigners fighting for justice. They defend marginalised people who are facing human rights abuses, often at the hands of powerful governments.
  • Index on Censorship is a non-profit organisation that campaigns for and defends free expression worldwide. They publish work by censored writers and artists, promote debate, and monitor threats to free speech.

Thank you for taking part in Help Art Save Lives