Making Solid: Unpredictable Bodies

9 April – 5 June 2022
Gallery 2
Sam Metz is an artist who works with movement and performance, which attempts to translate the experiences of being disabled and neurodivergent with sensory processing differences and Tourette’s.

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Using sculpture, drawing, animation, live art and film, their practice explores concepts of ‘choreographic objects’, which investigate our relationships with the body and movement.
Metz’s work is created through movement and rhythm, and attempts to capture a range of ‘interruptions’, ‘aberrations’ and uncontrolled actions of their disabled body. The process of making, drawing and short performances are intrinsic parts of their practice. Using still images from performance footage or repetitive gestures represented through 3D mark making, Metz creates non-verbal documentation and poetic installations that explore non-normative descriptions of bodies and challenges societal conventions that actively seek to exclude them.
Sam Metz studied Architecture and Critical Theory at University of Nottingham and has previously trained in physical theatre.
Making Solid: Unpredictable Bodies explores what an unpredictable body is and how a disabled body’s presence transgresses societal restrictions. The project investigates how movement can be made solid, and Metz is interested in the relationship between sculpture, mark-making and stimming. The artist uses drawing as a form of stimming, a common process used by autistic and neurodivergent people to self-regulate their emotions using repetitive movements or sounds to manage feelings of being overwhelmed, but importantly, can also express a range of emotions such as joy.

Using drawing as a form of stimming and choreographic objects, the artist creates their own visual language to explore alternative, non-verbal communication that comes from neurodivergence, and which is often dismissed, devalued and stigmatised in mainstream society.

Shadowy drawing of black and gray tones on a white background.
Drawing of a fallen figure created with black ink on a while background.
Two contemporary sculptures by Sam Metz in a white room.
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Outside shot of Gallery 1, including the courtyard.

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