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Get ready for: The Final Garden Art Challenge!

Painting featuring red flowers, a hanging chair and other green vegetation in the foreground, against a black background.

Children and families, artists, students and anyone in between – this is an opportunity for you. Absorb yourself in the beauty of the natural environment with the Garden Art Challenge.

The Garden Art Challenge is a 3 part creative challenge set each month in response to the Bruce Mclean Black Garden Paintings exhibition. The challenge is a celebration of summer, nature and our relationship to the natural world much like the work of McLean.

Get inspired with each challenge encouraging you to explore a different creative technique to use to respond to your environment. Take part and get those creative juices flowing at home, in gardens or any other outdoor space.

Challenge 1 saw the creation of a variety of unique and beautiful Garden Mandala’s. We were amazed at the different found objects that many of you incorporated as part of your Mandalas. Rocks, feathers, sticks, leaves, flower petals and even shells have been brought together, constructing unique responses to a variety of different locations.

A garden mandala made with green leaves spread out in a circle around a centre point, the centre has 4 snail shells and a circle of petals. The outside has feathers layed out in a pattern following the circle of the centre as well as more pink petals at the very end of the mandala. This is placed on stone grey garden slabs.
Caption: A colourful Garden Mandala constructed using leaves, feathers, snail shells and flower petals.

The next challenge was met with an explosion of colour, a real testament to the rainbow of colour that exists naturally in our world. Bringing collage, crayons, paints and other medias together, this prompt saw creatives making their own Garden of Colour. Some opted to use paint and mixed wet medias, while others used felt tips and tufting as mediums to celebrate a nature-filled space.

Garden Art Challenge submission
Caption: a tuft-tastic response to the Garden of Colour challenge, submitted by Caroline Jane.

To take part in the final Garden Art Challenge releasing today on our socials at 1pm, all you have to do is respond to the prompt in your own, unique way, take a photo and share it with us! Email your creation to or share it on Instagram with the tag @attenboroughac and #gardenartchallenge

Your submission will be showcased alongside McLean’s works on Attenborough Arts Centre website and you will also be in the running to win not one, but two tickets to any of our live performances.

All you need to take part is yourself, any materials you have around the house and your imagination: what will the final challenge inspire you to create?

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