A pile of woolens, with a happy purple faced teddy in the middle

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Join us on Monday 24 May as we get to ready to launch ‘Little Mess!’

This is our latest co-commission of Foan & Fortune with Little Angel Theatre who have only gone and produced a beautiful puppetry adventure made for anyone who doesn’t mind making a Little Mess!
You can watch the film from 1pm on Monday 24 May right here on this page. We will be uploading it soon, so watch this space!

What's it all about?

Princess Olive is on a thrilling quest to find the legendary Tidy Up Troll to help her tidy up her room before the Troll Queen’s palace party! This fun, fantastical puppetry adventure is jammed packed with original music, magic, comedy and adventure, made for everyone everywhere who delights in making a Little Mess!
Little Mess! celebrates imaginative story-telling and creativity, encouraging the whole family to play together using objects found around their home.
Extra information:
Little Mess! is a family show suitable for all ages, but designed to be particularly aimed at children aged 2+
Find out even more information about Little Mess! here: www.foanandfortune.com/mess