By Two Destination Language

30 September — 24 October 2021, The Salmon Gallery
The MP3 players are charged, the booth is in place and the response cards are on display in our café.

You only have one week left to view our exhibition in person.

However, if you can’t make it into the gallery, we invite you to listen via our soundcloud playlist link  as we don’t want anyone to miss out on the stories told by 6 young people in Leicester about what ‘Home’ means to them.

If you did enjoy the tales, please let us know at, as we’ll share this with the artists and the families!

Visit our gallery space for the full exhibition, an audible and visual exploration into the idea of home.

Please pick up an audio player, sit down, relax and enjoy the short stories of the young people’s experiences of home in their own words.

After you have listened to MY LAND YOUR LAND, we invite you to fill in one of the cards from the booth. You can post it in a drawer or take your card to reception and we will then add it to the growing collection in the café.

Tell us what you think — @2destlang #MyLandYourLand @AttenboroughAC

MY LAND YOUR LAND is part of University of Leicester’s Centenary Celebrations.

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