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Commissioning Archive

We’ve got over twenty years experience as a performance venue, as both a receiving house and commissioning a wide range of pieces. From one man shows, challenging performance art, full cast plays and shows for the whole family, this is a small selection of the works that we have commissioned over the years.
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1623 Theatre: Queer Lady M

Tour dates: 29 February – 5 June
It’s time for Queer Lady M’s cabaret!

Performed by Shane Gabriel (Funny Girls), Lady Macbeth comes to life like you’ve never experienced before.

There’s outrageous lip-syncing, cheeky dancing and sassy conversation as Queer Lady M invites you to enter her world of passion and shade.

But what happens when the show is over, when Shane removes the makeup and puts Lady M to bed? What stories will come to light as we’re invited into Shane’s twilight world?

Find out in 1623’s funny and moving exploration of a unique relationship between a fierce drag queen and her anxious alter-ego who join forces to fight tragedy and celebrate queerness.

Queer Lady M brings together cabaret, devised performance and Shakespeare while exploring the real-life experiences of working-class, gender-fluid artist Shane Gabriel.

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Daniel Nicholas - Eugene

Tour Dates: 19 February – 16 May
In the not too distant future, millionaire and inventor, ‘Hugh’ from Hubris industries is launching the first superhuman AI at a press conference. And you’re invited. ‘Eugene’ is a show about what happens when we give technology the power over us, with an anthropomorphic power point. Think ‘The Terminator’ at a Ted Talk presented by Steve Jobs.
Two women, back to back, holding water pistols and with snorkels in their mouths

Louisa Robey, Stephanie Laing - Flip Flop

21 February
FLIPFLOP is a comedy dance show about Mormons and water parks.

Steph and Louisa have never been very good at making decisions, except for the big ones like quitting drugs and leaving organised religion.

Flip flop sees the duo spend an hour flip-flopping between dance and comedy, to investigate how they choose to live now.

Text: Don't leave me this way. Image: three people, one raising their dress to show bloomers, the other in a long dress, and the thier in shorts playing an accordian

Zoo Indigo - Don't Leave Me This Way

21 May

Don’t Leave Me This Way is a playful and provocative performance in English and German, exploring European identity in a post-Brexit Britain. It’s a concert that never quite happens; grieving the loss of home, identity and the Eurovision song contest. Underscored by live music from Rob Rosa and digital projections from Barret Hodgson, the audience is witness to a series of competitive citizenship catwalks as Rosie and Ildiko audition for a motherland.

performers: Rosie Garton and Ildikó Rippel, live music: Rob Rosa; recorded music: Matt Marks)

Dramaturg: Sarah Thom, Gob Squad

Multi media: Barret Hodgson

Lighting: Ben Hughes

the hands of a child, planting a sapling in some earth

B Team - PLANT

30 November
A playful show about two friends who don’t have a garden but have a seed and together learn how to grow and care for a plant.

B Team will be in residence the week of 30 November 2020 to research and develop their brand-new show aimed at children aged 4-7, exploring the important of children’s connection with nature. The show was developed with input from academics.

a man dancing in amongst orange lights floating about him

We are Epic - Buffalo Boy

30 March 2018 – 22 September 2019

A ground-breaking international collaboration between British Arts Practitioners and Cambodian Artists and Producers.

A story of communication, articulation and what it means to be heard. Inspired by real life events, Buffalo Boy, tells the story of Thouen as he leaves his home where he struggles to be understood and heads in search of a place where he can express himself.

Produced by We Are Epic in partnership with Epic Arts
Co-commissioned by Attenborough Arts Centre
Supported by Arts Council England and Light For the World

a woman wearing a red suit, sits by a potted plant, on a modelling runway

Two Destination Language - Fault Lines

Spring 2020
Fault Lines touring in Spring 2020, it was also going to be touring in Autumn 2020 visiting Attenborough Arts Centre but was cancelled due to covid.

Fault Lines featured Welly O’Brien, Caroline Ryan, Damyana Radeva, Rachel Glover, Cindy Awor and Hannah Yahya. Directed and designed by Katherina Radeva and Alister Lownie of Two Destination Language with lighting design by Marty Langthorne and sound consultation by Tim Blazdell.

Fault Lines is an explosion of the female power. A fashion show on the fracture between feminism and fabric. A catwalk which takes you from Haute Couture to bargain bin, from big beats to near silence. Five diverse performers take to the stage on a catwalk like no other! Garments flow, stilettos break, hair is pulled up, let loose, let free! Jazzy moves, heartfelt stories and heart-throbbing energy fills the room.

Navigate your own sound path through a performance featuring five strong women from different walks of life. Using your mobile and headphones, choose between music and stories which offer contrasting positions on the parade of costumes and identities on stage. Curate your own journey through a runway show of people like you and people you’ll never know, with a soundtrack selected by you. Susan Sontag meets America’s Next Top Model.

“pure joy; and the sense of freedom that only comes when we bring our pure creativity to bear on the world around us, and succeed in shifting it, ever so slightly, on its axis.” ★★★★ – The Scotsman

“What is it all about? Everything, really. Emotions and experiences, moments and memories. The whole thing is a delirious, disorienting dive into female histories, female identities, female expression. A riotous ritual. A chaotic catwalk.” ★★★★ – The Stage

“women exploring their real, complicated, multi-faceted, and terrifyingly glorious truths” ★★★★★ – The Scottish Play