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SENsory Atelier at Home - Digital Art Packs

The SENsory Atelier at Home digital art packs created by our Artist In Residence Sian Watson-Taylor for children with SEND to create exciting environments and activities at home for discovery, play and learning during our national Covid-19 Lockdown

Exploring Colour

Learn and explore with colour! Experiment with colour matching, explore different materials and learn through  visual art, problem solving, science, language and creative thinking.

Exploring Space

Learn and explore with space. Explore with different materials, learn through team work and co-operation, planning and investigating with the spaces inside and outside your house.

Exploring Paper

Learn and discover this week with paper.  Exploring the world of paper with fine motor skills, hand-eye co-ordination, cognitive problem solving and language development

Exploring Light

Learning and discover at home exploring materials,  investigating light and shadows with light boxes, hand shadow puppets and shadow dance to encourage hand-eye co-ordination, maths and counting and gross motor skills.

Exploring Paint

Learn and discover this week with paint! learn about mixing colours, develop hand-eye coordination and develop experiential skills and problem solving! Get adventurous using all sorts of materials as your paint brushes and learn how to make your own paint!

SENsory Atelier at Home - Video Tutorials

Download the 'Exploring' digital art packs to go alongside these video tutorials

SENsory Atelier at Home - Exploring Colour 1: Bubbling Colours

SENsory Atelier at Home - Exploring Colour 2: - Colour changing milk

SENsory Atelier at Home - Exploring Light 1: Shadow Hand Puppets

SENsory Atelier at Home - Exploring Light 2: - Light Boxes

Inclusive Youth Arts Programme (IYAP) SENsory Stories

Mo's Adventure: A sensory story by Helen Duff