Roadmap to reopening

Roadmap to reopening

Attenborough Arts Centre is excited to announce our roadmap to reopening, with the ultimate aim to be fully reopen as normal in line with Government plans.

The building will open to the public on Tuesday 1 June, with the shop and Gallery 3 open, as well as public and community venue hire spaces available. From this date, social distancing will be in effect, and face masks will be expected to be worn unless medically exempt. There will also be a limit on the number of people who are able to enter each room, but this information will be given upon enquiry. Classes in the building will begin again.

From Monday 7 June, our next gallery show will open to the public. Mik Godley’s ‘Considering Silesia‘, opening Weekdays, 10am – 5pm. Unlike in our November opening, there will be no need to pre-book your place however there is a maximum number of 6 allowed in the gallery, with social distancing guidelines still enforced.

Monday 21 June, in line with Government plans, will see a lifting of all restrictions. The building will be completely open to the public as it was in Winter 2019, although some classes will operate with reduced capacity for a while, with a full creative courses and performance programme. The line up for both of these will be confirmed shortly.

Above all, we are excited to having people back in the Attenborough Arts Centre and want to thank all our patrons for their patience in ensuring our building can reopen as safely as possible.

To ensure audiences are welcomed back to the 

good to go

Attenborough Arts Centre safely, we have invested in a number of COVID-safe measures. We have also been certified with Visit England’s ‘We’re Good to Go’ accreditation. Find out more here.


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