Digital work has always been an integral part of the arts, but within the last few years the importance of it has been truly recognised. Digital work is included within every one of our offers, from young people to established creatives, so please explore our opportunities there as well. However, we have given digital its own spot to highlight our ongoing commitment to championing digital work, not only to support exciting new avenues but to further accessibility within the arts. If you’re developing digital work and would like to get in touch with us about it, please view the opportunities available to either Emerging, Mid-Career or Established Artists, depending where you feel most comfortable

Case Study - Ama Dogbe

As part of Leicester Art Week, we commissioned Ama Dogbe to respond to our exhibition, ‘The World is a Work in Progress’. In turn, Dogbe constructed an interactive world in the digital space to explore our modern societal joys and challenges in an exciting but unnerving way.

For her response, Dogbe constructed a visually-stunning circular platform for visitors to explore. Surrounding the platform are five exhibitions, each inviting us to explore all corners of the internet from trending articles to a distorted version of the artists own search history to reflect our own relationship with the illusion of privacy. In one corner, the exhibition showcases films comparing human and machine labour as the clips offer contemplation on what is man-made versus what is machine, to question what is destroyed within our modern world through this process. Within another area, the exhibition utilises Google Earth to examine our own perceptions on remoteness contrasted with the hyper-connective aspects of the digital world itself – are we really connected or are we more isolated than ever?

This exhibition examines the internet as a tool, an asset and a danger that spans the dystopian, utopian and somewhere in-between. You can explore this incredible exhibition on our website by clicking here.

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