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Theatre from Home: Stream ‘OftheJackel’s Withered Optimism’ this Season

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Craving the theatre but also loving the comfort of your own home? As always, we have the perfection solution. Attenborough Arts Centre is proud of have hosted the filming of Withered Optimism, which is now available to stream online at any time – perfect for getting curled up in front of the fire for while getting that theatre buzz. 

The show is a tender comic ode to the tyranny of work, as it explores the eroded boundary between work and leisure while interrogating the constant connectivity that we all face in the modern age. Its protagonist, a hapless millennial dreaming of a simpler life, is stretched to their breaking point by the violent corporate world. When the pressure is to much he finally snaps, and goes down a hallucinatory odyssey that battles the horror that is late-stage capitalism. 

Devised and performed by Jack Kelly, the piece is unique in that it features no language and is deaf accessible as it combines elements of clown, physical comedy, contemporary dance, visual vernacular, and animated scenes to tell the tale. The show is a visual feast that questions the way we live today through the good, the bad, and the very ugly. 

An exciting and spectacular treat for this holiday season, the show can be accessed for free through Eventbrite from Monday, 20th December 2021 to Monday, 3rd January 2022. Do not miss out on this incredible piece that will leave you pondering your very existence with our capitalist society today. Click here to explore the trailer for yourself, and click here to book your ticket today. We hope you find some optimism in this piece! 


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