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Visual Arts commissioning

This page features some of the artists and projects we have recently commissioned. Further details about our commissioning programmes can be found here.
a cloudscape with geometric lines over it

Loz Atkinson

Loz is based at StudionAme in Leicester and works across a wide range of media. We have commissioned her to further develop her ongoing series ‘Imagined Nebula’ for a solo exhibition at Attenborough Arts Centre in 2021.
art of dark steel trumpets hanging fromt he ceiling

Yambe Tam

Yambe is an artist based in London. She works across sculpture, installation and sound, and combines research in cognitive science, theoretical physics, psychology and Eastern philosophy with her personal experience in contemplative practices such as Zen Buddhism.

We have commissioned Yambe to further develop her recent installation at Barbican Arts Trust, ‘Musica Universalis’, for a solo exhibition at Attenborough Arts Centre in 2021

To see more of Yambe’s Musica Universalis, click here. 

text of office of change cut into cardboard

Kathryn Cooper

Kathryn is an artist based at One Thoresby Street in Nottingham. In addition to her training as an artist, she also trained as an art psychotherapist at Goldsmiths, University of London (2011-13) and worked for a number of years as an art psychotherapist in schools, care homes and the NHS.

Kathryn’s practice grew out of an interest in the organising of information and systems, and often has a participatory element that creates space for dialogue and meaningful interaction with the audience. She has an ongoing focus on mental health and mental distress in her work, and the systems and circumstances (often bureaucratic and institutional) in which people lose their ability to trust instinctive knowledge.

Kathryn is developing a new body of work based on small sculptures that she made during a brief period of art psychotherapy in 2009 – as the patient. These little clay fragments have an enigmatic quality, something to do with self preservation, creating defences between oneself and the other, self soothing and the creation externally of some psychological parts. Beginning with these small fragments, Kathryn will explore relationships between beings – thinking in particular about object relations theory (a psychoanalytic theory – a development of Freudian theories) and the act of going to therapy.

To see more of Kathryn’s work, click here.

a green army man toy in a cave

Tim Neath

Tim is an artist based at 2 Queens in Leicester. He has an interest in the imagery of Hollywood film, and uses cardboard and craft materials to create model miniatures that he then uses to make photography and video work.

Tim’s commission was to support him through the final stages of developing and filming his work ‘Cowboys Invaded’ which tells the story of aliens conquering the American West. This work is part of a strand of Tim’s practice that is concerned with the stories and politics of the Western genre of film, particularly the idea of Manifest Destiny.

Tim will be presenting his completed commission at Attenborough Arts Centre in January 2021.

To see more of Tim’s work, click here.

No Jobs in the Arts Cover - a sketched union flag draped over a chair

No Jobs in the Arts

No Jobs in the Arts (NJITA) is a collaborative project between artists Charlie Collins and Ryan Boultbee. Both are based in the East Mids (Derbyshire and Nottingham respectively).

No Jobs In The Aarts (NJITA) showcases the work of early career artists in the region using a zine format which is printed and distributed for free around galleries across the East Midlands.

We commissioned NJITA to produce a new edition of their zine focused on platforming the work of early career artists in the region who have a disability or otherwise face barriers to their practice.

You can access the digital zine here.  A limited print run will be produced to coincide with Leicester Art Week, 20-29 November 2020