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Welcome Week 2021 a hit

Students all gather around a table doing some block etter printing

It seems like a long time since we’ve been able to say it but, it’s been brilliant to welcome new students to Leicester and Attenborough Arts! 

Monday 27 saw Attenborough Arts takeover the information campus on Centenary Square and set about giving students a start to uni life that they won’t forget in a hurry! Not only were they able to get their hands dirty with placard painting and block letter printing workshops taking place throughout the whole day, they were also able to experience some highlights from the AAC.

We delighted (and confused) students with Shell Suit Cher and her unique bingo games, filling the marquee both times she was performing and handing out great prizes such as ‘The Singles of the Carpenters, 1974 – 1978’ on vinyl, a moomin puzzle (that people were actually clamouring for) and best of all, two free boxes from Attenborough Arts at Home! We also entertained them with a life drawing session featuring wrestlers from Wrestling Resurgence, who regularly perform at AAC, s sight many weren’t expecting to see as they walked between the normally academically focussed university buildings. Tallulah Blue dazzled the freshers as they walked through campus with her daring hula-hooping street performance skills, all before the day was rounded up with finalist of the UK Drag King competition Ding Frisby performing to an enthralled audience.

Students were eager to know about the arts scene in Leicester and how they can get involved, as well as asking about all the different activities and events we have going on in our building and across campus.

After 18 months of disruption and quiet, it was lovely to have people engaging with us physically again and coming down from the main campus to investigate our gallery and cafe.

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