Art History: Art on the Move

9 sessions

  • Venue Attenborough Arts Centre
  • Price £38.00 - £73.00
  • Event type Creative Courses
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9 week course starting on Wednesday 10 May 2023

Course Description:

The mobility of art objects and artists has been crucial to the development of visual art and the interchange of ideas. From the impact of pilgrimage and trade in transmission of style to the celebration of travel and tourism and the role of artists as wanderers and observers this course explores the ‘art of travel’ and the enduring importance of mobility

Course Tutor:

Dr Miriam Gill has taught art history and history to mature students over a period of 20 years in a wide variety of institutions including Morley College, London as well as the universities of Birmingham, Nottingham, Oxford and Cambridge. She has worked for the Vaughan Centre for Lifelong Learning and at the former Vaughan College since 1998. She was the course director for the Certificates in Art History and Architectural History and has been a tutor for the part-time Certificate and BA in Humanities and Arts. She also teaches at Attenborough Arts Centre.