Japanese Woodblock Printmaking (Mokuhanga) for Absolute Beginners

5 sessions

  • Venue Studio 4
  • Price £100.00 - £125.00
  • Event type Creative Courses
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Trees carved out of wood with tools surrounding it.


5 week course starting on Sunday 11 June 2023 (last session 10am – 4pm).

Course Description:

Learn Mokuhanga, Japanese woodblock printing, using natural materials and woods to make incredible prints. Through the weeks, you will learn how to chisel the woodblocks, how to ink up with the brushes and how to hand-burnish to print using traditional tools. As this is a course for absolute beginners, the tutor, Sumiko, will take their time to teach you all aspects step-by-step.

This course will allow you to see your own drawings, paintings, or photographs in a new light as you translate image in prints through this traditional method. Please note that the cutting process will require some physical strength in your wrists/hands.

Course Tutor:

Born and raised in Japan, Sumiko Eadon is a UK based artist who works individually and collaboratively in their process and is an associate artist of Leicester Print Workshop. Their recent focus has been on abstract painting, works on paper and printmaking.