Joanna Holland: Out of the Blue: Landscapes of Chronic Illness

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A forest with a blue tint.


Joanna Holland’s first solo exhibition, ‘Out of the Blue’, shares her lived experience of chronic illness. It brings together photographs, video, soundscapes and text from different bodies of work created over the last three years.

Collectively these works contemplate what it is to live ‘a life disrupted’, offering an insight into autoimmunity (where the body’s own immune system causes inflammation and damage).

The artworks in this exhibition share very real experiences of diagnosis, medication, side effects, chronic fatigue, hospitalisation, and the impact of [in]visible disability on family life. They also explore an interconnectedness with nature, and the complex entanglements between self, planetary health, climate change and biodiversity loss.

Sometimes the beauty is in the shadows and the horror in the everyday.

Visit Joanna Holland’s website by clicking here to explore more work.

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