Journey Within

  • Venue Attenborough Arts Centre
  • Price £20.00 - £30.00
  • Event type Creative Courses
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Course Description:

Journey Within is a relaxed workshop giving you the opportunity to experience the healing potential of art. You will learn through a combination of meditative, sensory and painterly techniques to engage your senses and enable your creativity to flow freely without resistence.

Decompress and create the confidence you need to manifest the reality we want to create in our lives. Be ready to play and think outside the box while experimenting with a variety of expressive tools.

The workshop will offer a unique combination of yoga, breathing techniques, meditation, intuitive painting, movement, aromatherapy, sound and deep relaxation. Within a space of mutual support and kindness, we will explore the subconscious mind and release some of those emotional knots and stagnated energy that have been holding us back from accessing our full potential.

Course Tutor:

Maria Masullo is an Italian artist and educator based in London. She is passionate about sharing the therapeutic potential of art as a mode of healing and connecting to nature. Drawn to texture and colour as expressive devices, she uses these in her own paintings to translate emotional material and spiritual experiences into artistic abstraction.