The Baby Question by Varjack-Lowry

7pm - 8pm

  • Venue Attenborough Arts Centre
  • Price Pay What You Can, £3 - £20
  • Event type Performance
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In 1974, the contraceptive pill was made available to single women on the NHS for the first time. What has changed since then? What if child-free/childless women were at the centre of that narrative?

The Baby Question is a theatrical film exploring the narratives of women who are child-free by choice or childless by circumstance, set in the world of a seventies top of the pops style chart tv show.

During the live recording of a 70s Top of the Pops style chart show, female dancers perform Pan’s People style routines for a studio audience.

Meanwhile, a drag king host mixes chart hit titles with landmark moments in feminism, reproductive rights, and increasingly personal references about the dancers performing. Gradually the world of the chart show breaks down, as these women consider what it means for them to be childfree/childless.

Post Show Event

The Baby Question’s post-screening event is an informal space to have conversations about the themes of the show as they relate to the audience. A guest artist will host this with prompts to start chats with those you came with, or maybe even someone you've just met. We hope you can use the session to take up as little or as much space as you like. A space to talk as little or as much as you like. Whatever you need, we will have the tunes rolling and a soft atmosphere brewing.

This film was funded and supported by Attenborough Arts Centre and the Arts Council England.

Research and development phase funded by the Arts Council England Battersea Arts Centre and Camden Peoples Theatre, with further support by The Pleasance and Old Diorama Arts Centre. Seed funding by Upstart Theatre.

Recommended Price: £7

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