The Whispering Jungle by Concrete Youth

11am - 12pm & 1:30pm - 2:30pm

  • Venue Attenborough Arts Centre
  • Price Pay What You Can, £3 - £20
  • Event type Performance
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The show is for audience with profound and multiple learning disabilities (PMLD) and their essential carers.

The Turtle, the Monkey, and the Bird have all lost their home. Men in big, bright, yellow jackets came and chopped down all the trees. Now they’re forced away to fend for themselves, make their own new homes and pick up the pieces of the mess that the humans have left behind. How will the animals cope on their own? What can humans do to make the world better for the animals of the rainforest? And why is the Turtle so clumsy?

Concrete Youth’s new multi-sensory theatre production, The Whispering Jungle, brings together ASMR, sensory play and sensory puppets in an immersive touring production for young audiences with profound and multiple learning disabilities. Come and help the animals of the rainforest rebuild their home and realise that home really is wherever you’re with your family.

The Whispering Jungle was developed off the back of Concrete Youth's pioneering, The ASMR Project, an international research project that brought together UK, US and Singapore academics, artists and professionals to explore the impact of autonomous sensory meridian response (ASMR) on people labelled with profound and multiple learning disabilities for the very first time. The ASMR Project's research findings, and this subsequent production of The Whispering Jungle was developed in collaboration with 750 people labelled with profound and multiple learning disabilities across the UK.

The Whispering Jungle is in association with Mercury Theatre, Colchester and supported by Arts Council England, Hull City Council and Back to Ours.

Recommended Price: £7

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  • ASMR
  • Sensory Play

Age Guidance: Any Person with PMLD