Visible Mending Workshop

  • Venue Studio 3
  • Price £20.00 - £25.00
  • Event type Creative Courses
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Course Description:

Why buy new when you can repair! This one-day workshop is an incredible entry-point into the world of mending clothes, as you bring along your own clothes to not only mend but bring life back to them.

For the class you will need to bring along your own garments that have holes, rips or stains in them that you just can’t get out. The tutor, Bonita, will teach you how to fix your clothes with embroidery fabric scraps, knitting and crocheting in beautiful colours. Not only are you repairing your clothes, but you are making them truly unique! Want to come but don’t have anything to repair? Come along anyway and you can be taught how to make decorative patches that can be stitched onto clothes to repair them down the road.

All materials will be supplied, but if you have fabrics and threads you would prefer to use please bring them along.

A wonderful way to spend your evening bringing life back to your beloved clothes, so book below today.

Course Tutor:

Bonita, better known as the women behind Beaky, is a Leicester-based crafter who promotes creative workshops and her own range of handmade crystal jewellery. Her passion for sustainability and wellbeing are central within all her work, informing her designs and approaches.