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Students and Staff

If you are interested in arts and culture then Attenborough Arts Centre is the place to get your fix, especially as it’s located right on your university campus!

As a student studying at the University of Leicester there is loads to enjoy at Attenborough Arts. If you like being creative, you can learn a new art or craft every week with our brand new creative course ‘Wildcard Wednesdays’ for just £3 per class.

If you like music, spoken word or dance, you can experience the best local live music at one of our buzzing Gallery Late events. If you’re looking for work experience you can join our pool of volunteers. Or if you just want somewhere to hang out on campus, you’ll love our café bar.

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Free Exhibitions

Plastic cowboys and native Americans fighting

Tim Neath - Cowboys Invaded

22 January – 28 February 2021

Gallery 2
A twist on the comic book ‘Cowboys & Aliens’, ‘Cowboys Invaded’ (2020) explores an alien occupation of the American West in a 50-minute mixed media stop motion.

Tim Neath has carefully crafted a sprawling model world using recycled cardboard and craft materials. The scenes are populated with dated vintage action figurines, set for an epic encounter on a miniature scale. Immersing the viewer in the imagery of Hollywood film, the piece unpicks the politics of the science fiction and Western genres, in particular the idea of Manifest Destiny: the belief that colonial expansion by American settlers was the will of God.

Tim Neath is an artist based at 2 Queens in Leicester and was commissioned by Attenborough Arts Centre to support him in the completion of this long-term project.

Student activities

An assortment of creative tool, brushes, pencil, and a camera

Wildcard Wednesday

Every Wednesday, 3.30pm – 5.30pm
Wildcard Wednesday is a weekly event to learn new crafts. Join us for this great opportunity to relax, make new friends, and try a range of crafts from pottery to painting or embroidery to tie-dye! Each week will be something different and you won’t know what you’ll be doing until you begin.
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Yoga with Sarah Carter

Every Tuesday, 5.30pm – 6.30pm
Tutor: Sarah Carter

Sarah integrates classical yoga postures and breath-work with neuroscience, mindfulness, meditation, and therapy. Classes are creative and intuitive with the aim of leaving people feeling grounded and uplifted.
All welcome, you do not need to be fit, flexible, or have any previous experience of yoga to attend.

Creative learning courses

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Art courses for all

Drop In / If your timetable is unpredictable or you’d like to test the waters trying something new, then pop along to our drop in classes any time.

Gallery 3

Gallery Three with chairs and tables

Your place to relax on campus

Take a moment to relax in Gallery 3, our new COVID-safe social space. With socially distanced seating, music, and surrounded by images of the galaxy and meteorites, there’s no better place to take a quiet moment.

NUS and theatre tickets

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More events coming soon.

Feel comfortable trying something new?

Philharmonia Scholarship

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Develop your musical skills with the best

The University of Leicester has a long-established relationship with the renowned Philharmonia Orchestra. As part of this arrangement, we are able to offer this scholarship under which talented student musicians receive one-on-one training from members of the Philharmonia.

Academics at the AAC

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Work with us

We would be happy to explore with you and your department how we might add value to
your planning for the new academic year.