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Students and Staff

If you are interested in arts and culture then Attenborough Arts Centre is the place to get your fix, especially as it’s located right on your university campus!

As a student studying at the University of Leicester there is loads to enjoy at Attenborough Arts. If you like being creative, you can learn a new art or craft every week with our brand new creative course ‘Wildcard Wednesdays’ for just £3 per class.

If you like music, spoken word or dance, you can experience the best local live music at one of our buzzing Gallery Late events. If you’re looking for work experience you can join our pool of volunteers. Or if you just want somewhere to hang out on campus, you’ll love our café bar.

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Free Exhibitions

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In Which Language Do We Dream?

Saturday 26 March – Sunday 5 June 2022
Gallery 1
This exhibition is a co-created project, bringing together a 5-year photographic collaboration between Rich Wiles and the al-Hindawi family through discussions with curator Anne McNeill at Impressions Gallery.

It has been 10 years since the beginning of the Syrian Civil War in 2011, that has seen more than 500,000 people killed or missing and an estimated 6.6 million Syrians forced to flee their countries and homes. Within the UK, we have seen many new headlines about refuges, their plight and their changed lives. However, what happens after displacement to those who are resettled and forced to rebuild their lives? ‘In Which Language Do We Dream?’ offers the perspective of a Syrian family, the al-Hindawi family, about their first-hand experiences of displacement, integration and home, as it challenges our perception of refugees to counter the negative views held within politics, the media, and our society.

Drawing of a fallen figure created with black ink on a while background.

Making Solid: Unpredictable Bodies

Saturday 9 April – Sunday 5 June 2022
Gallery 2
Sam Metz is an artist who works with movement and performance, which attempts to translate the experiences of being a disabled neurodivergent performer with sensory processing differences and Tourette’s.

Making Solid: Unpredictable Bodies explores what an unpredictable body is and how a disabled body’s presence transgresses societal restrictions. The project investigates how movement can be made solid, and Metz is interested in the relationship between sculpture, mark-making and stimming. The artist uses drawing as a form of stimming, a common process used by autistic and neurodivergent people to self-regulate their emotions using repetitive movements or sounds to manage feelings of being overwhelmed, but importantly, can also express a range of emotions such as joy.

Student activities

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Wildcard Wednesday

£5 | Wednesdays, 6pm – 8pm
Tutor: It’s a surprise

The exiting return of Wildcard Wednesday, exclusively for students!
Wildcard Wednesday is a weekly event to learn new crafts. Join us for this great opportunity to relax, make new friends, and try a range of crafts from pottery to painting or embroidery to tie-dye!
Each week will be something different and you won’t know what you’ll be doing until you begin.
We want to celebrate welcoming you back to AAC, so there will be free pizza for the first session!
We cant wait to see you, and we promise we wont steal a slice…..


Gallery Late

Free | Friday 19 November, 8pm – 11pm
Gallery Lates are back!!

Artist-led, Silver Vine Arts will be taking over AAC’s Gallery Late in November for an exciting evening of art and live music programmed by Magic Teapot. The event will be showcasing talented musicians and bands including Echolocation, Flynny O’Flynn, Strizzy Strauss, and Smoke Test!

There will be visual art elements to the evening by James Chantry and performance artist Queenie Tea.

There will also be the opportunity to support a wide range of local artists and buy original arts and crafts from stalls.

Silver Vine Arts will also unveil a collaborative evening of interactive art and performance, and of course life drawing will be part of the programme too.

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Pottery for all Drop-in

£12 | Every Tuesday, 1.30pm – 4pm
Tutor: Dee Barnes
A drop-in class for beginners, newcomers and regulars to learn without the commitment to a 10 week course. Each week you will learn pinch, slab and coiling techniques, and how these can be utilised to create imaginative and practical pieces of pottery. Dee will help you to make your ideas come alive, creating pieces such as mugs, ceramic boxes, vases, or decorative ornaments. You will learn how to apply slips and glazes, adding colour and decoration to your creations.
Pair of hands drawing human forms on an easle

Independent Life Drawing

£10/£5 | Every Thursday, 5pm – 7pm
Tutor: Jeremy Barnes
Drop-in whenever it suits you to practice your life drawing in a supportive environment. Booking advised to avoid disappointment. Please note only newsprint is provided and you will be required to bring your own drawing materials.

Creative learning courses

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Art courses for all

Drop In / If your timetable is unpredictable or you’d like to test the waters trying something new, then pop along to our drop in classes any time.

Salmon Gallery

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Your place to relax on campus

Take a moment to relax in Gallery 3, our new COVID-safe social space. With socially distanced seating, music, you can experience art in a way you haven’t before.

NUS and theatre tickets

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Wide range of theatre events

Feel comfortable trying something new? From theatre, to comedy and dance, to jazz performances, our programme has something for everyone.

Philharmonia Scholarship

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Develop your musical skills with the best

The University of Leicester has a long-established relationship with the renowned Philharmonia Orchestra. As part of this arrangement, we are able to offer this scholarship under which talented student musicians receive one-on-one training from members of the Philharmonia.

Teaching Excellence

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Work with us

We would be happy to explore with you and your department how we might add value to
your planning for the new academic year.