People at a microphone telling a story Welcome back We have reopened in a limited capacity to ensure the safety of our users. We are confident that the safety measures put in place will minimise risk of infection, whilst providing you with a standard of normality. Click here for our safety information 1/3 Gallery Three with chairs and tables Unexpected Tales Pull up a chesterfield, throw another log on the fire, it’s time to hear another Unexpected Tale. Click here for more 1/3 Attenborough Studio logo a silhouette sat in front of a martian landscape Kelly Richardson: Mariner 9 Mariner 9 (2012) presents a video of panoramic view of the Mars landscape hundreds of years in the future, littered with the rusting remains of various missions to the planet. Click here for more 1/3 image into space of stars Audience Survey We are carrying out a survey to better understand who our digital audiences are. We would like to know how you engage with our digital work and what motivates you to do so. Click here to complete the survey 1/3

Welcome to Attenborough Arts Centre

Attenborough Arts Centre is the University of Leicester’s public arts programme. Over one hundred thousand people of all ages and abilities engage annually with our cultural programme – enriching the lives of Leicester and Leicestershire communities, including the University’s staff and students.

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We pride ourselves on being accessible and inclusive. We want everyone to feel welcome and get involved in what we do.


As part of the University of Leicester, we have activities for students going on throughout the year.


We have a wide and constantly changing family programme. From stand-up to discos, there’s something for everyone.