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Creative Course Student Creates Incredible King Richard III Painting

Local artist and creative course student, Angie Spencer, is making headlines for her incredible painting ‘Richard in Reflection’. The oil on canvas painting represents both the birth and death of King Richard III, and is full of symbolisms representing his life all within a medieval style painting.

Angie has been an artist for many years, but got back into painting last year while she was on our Botanical Painting courses with tutor Georgia Danvers. She started this painting in May and finished in September, waking up at 3am to paint as she also runs two busy tea rooms that would see her working from 8am till 8pm.

The painting was unveiled live to an audience of 150 people with local MP Craig Tracey. A livestream of the event can be watched by clicking here. Since the event, Angie has completed 6 talks about the painting while it currently resides in the King Richard III Visitor Centre in Leicester until January. From there, the painting with begin its tour around historical places in England.

What an incredible adventure! Well done Angie, we are so amazed by the work you have done and can’t wait to see how much further it goes.

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