Museum and Art Gallery MA Students Join Us for Placements

Students sat on a bench wearing face masks with an Exhibition artwork behind them

As our centre opens up again, we are thrilled to announce the addition of three Museum and Art Gallery Studies MA students from the University of Leicester as part of our placement program!

The program will take place from July to September, allowing the students to engage with the inner workings of the gallery, while working effectively with the team to carry out the day-to-day needs of the centre.

Of the two programs, the Visual Arts path gives the students the opportunity to develop their exhibition skills; allowing them to complete valuable research, establish networks with artists, and participate in all the behind-the-scenes events that go into the creation of our exhibitions.

The second program, Marketing and Engagement, gives a firsthand-look into our audiences and how we engage with them from the ground floor. Through research, data collection, and brand awareness, the student gains a vital understanding of the importance of our visitors!

While we bring new opportunities and valuable experiences, they are able to apply their own knowledge gained through their studies as well.

To check in with the students, we have asked them, in their own words, to tell us all about their first week, what they have accomplished already, and what they are looking forward to.

Maria Løcke Mortensen, Visual Art placement:

“My first week at the AAC has been exciting and engaging. It is living up to everything I had hoped for my placement experience.

I was looking for a placement active in inclusion and accessibility, and AAC practices what it preaches. Alice and I have researched artists (most of them disabled) this first week for an upcoming exhibition which has been very inspiring and meaningful.

The whole team is delightful and helpful, and I already feel very comfortable and welcome. It has also been great being at the same placement place as Paige, as we can exchange experiences daily. AAC being a magnificent space with loads of activity is also highly motivating.

If you are in the Leicester area, do yourself a favour and do not miss Mik Godley’s exhibit in the main gallery, it’s absolutely stunning.”

Alice Whitehead, Visual Art placement:

“Starting my placement at the Attenborough Arts Centre, I was slightly apprehensive as I had not worked in a contemporary arts centre before. But ever since I arrived, the whole team have been incredibly supportive, friendly, and inspiring. This put me at ease, and I became excited for the various long and short term tasks Maria and I had been given to work on over our time here.

To give a taste of some of the things we will be working on, in the coming weeks, we will be working with the artist, Yambe Tam to create an engaging and accessible gallery guide for her exhibition. We will also assist our supervisor Rachel in writing interpretation for the upcoming ‘The World is a Work in Progress’ exhibition.

Once weekly, we help with gallery invigilation’s and get to spend time in the galleries with Mik’s fascinating and imposing artworks. There is a perfect mix of desk-based research tasks and practical tasks, working both collaboratively and alone.

It is exciting to broaden our real-world knowledge and skills in this amazing sector and I can’t wait for the next seven weeks!”

Paige Manning, Marketing and Engagement placement:

“My first week at the Attenborough Arts Centre has been welcoming, intriguing, and supportive. I was excited to come here as the centre is known for uplifting new and upcoming artists, building communities, and championing those with little representation in the arts. The level of accessibility at the centre is inspiring, as it shows how the arts can be available to anyone who has the desire.

Throughout my placement I have been tasked with researching how to better engage with the University of Leicester students to make this a space they feel comfortable and inspired within.

In my first week I have been researching into other university-based galleries, examining how they engage with students through internal and external channels, then compiling a report and producing a presentation by the end of the week. It was fascinating to see what other galleries are doing (and whether they are doing it well!), with the presentation allowing me to practice my public speaking within a professional setting.

The team have been so supportive and kind, and I am so glad to be able to do this, while seeing what Maria and Alice are getting up to!”


To follow the students in their placements and studies check out MAGS Mag, a magazine ran by the Museum and Art Gallery students about their studies, interests, and placements.

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