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Our Learning Team Returns from International Study Week in Italy

An above shot showing a large group of people standing outside in a park, smiling up at a camera.

Photo: Reggio Children International Study Week Participants

For a week in April, Marianne Pape, Bob Christer and Caroline Rowland of our Learning and Outreach team, plus invited teachers, embarked on an International Study Week in Italy with Reggio Children at The Loris Malaguzzi International Centre.

The centre is a place of exchange to innovate education and culture, founded in Reggio Emilia and working internationally. Producing research, experimentation and innovation around the processes of education for 0-99 years old, the centre is a living manifesto for the Reggio Emilia Approach to which our learning team work within. The approach explores ways to cultivate imagination and children’s sense of the possible, through collaborative journeys where children and adults work alongside each other with a child-led approach and a co-construction model of delivery and development.

From the week of the 17 April, Reggio Children welcomed in over 400 participants from over 28 countries for a week of meetings, knowledge exchanging and learning. This included excursions to the Reggio Infant Toddler Centre and the rural Reggio Children Green School, large-scale talks that included a presentation from our own Bob Christer as he invited a deeper conversation to explore Reggio practice with children with complex access requirements, needs and disabilities, and atelier days that engaged groups in the exploration of 8 different ateliers that characterise the Loris Malaguzzi International Centre. This included exploring digital landscapes, photography, language, mosaic and creativity in every sense of the word.

“Study week has been completely transformational, inspiring, activating, collaborative, and so much fun. I will never be the same again…. and I can’t wait to bring this learning home with me.” – Marianne Pape, Learning and Outreach Manager

An incredible and inspiring week for our team and we are so excited for them to implement all that they have learned from Reggio Children. To learn more about our learning team and what they do, please visit our Learning page.

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