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The Importance of Supporting Local Artists

Two women working on a lino print together while smiling.

Throughout all of our programming through creative courses, performances, learning, exhibitions and more, we work with a range of diverse artists from all over the world. As important as it is to celebrate artists from all places, today we put a spotlight on our local artists.

As a part of our local community, we frequently work with students through our connections with the universities in the city and reach out to local artists who contribute to Leicester being a diverse and beautiful city.

There for so many advantages gained through supporting local artists, such as helping to strengthen the arts scene within the city, which benefits everyone through the advent of culture and creativity. No one wants to go to a place where art doesn’t bloom! Everything would be very boring, and where is the fun in that?

It also helps to strengthen communities within the locality. By coming together through the real connections forged within the city, it allows for a greater sense of pride within your place, that can then be shared with others.

Work with, learn from and explore local artists through our What’s On today.

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