Tony Heaton’s ‘altered’ Launched in Gallery 1

An array of people in Gallery 1 hugging and talking, surrounded by neon lights and marble carvings by Tony Heaton.

Last evening, we celebrated the launch of Tony Heaton’s altered with over 100 guests in attendance to experience the incredible work.

altered is a major solo exhibition by British sculptor and disability rights activist Tony Heaton OBE. The exhibition explores Heaton’s sculptural practice from his early disability rights activism and his initiation of the National Disability Arts Collection and Archive (NDACA), to more recent work that includes direct stone carving and neon text pieces.

A hole in a wall with a plank of wood hanging down and blocking part of the way saying 'Wheelchair Entrance'. In the background are people walking around and a purple neon sign saying 'Rasberry Ripple'.

Highlights of the show include his unique take on his multicoloured loops which were placed in Gallery 1 and in the Salmon Gallery, and his ‘Shaken Not Stirred’ sculpture featuring photographic evidence of him breaking down the sculpture with a prosthetic leg on live television as protest against the media treatment of disabled people.

A close up of three red charity tins, with two stickers on the middle tin saying 'RIGHTS FOR DISABLED PEOPLE NOW!'.

Two people in a dark room looking at Tony Heaton's loop polos on a lit white wall.

At 6pm guests gathered for a speech by Director Andrew Fletcher and Tony Heaton OBE, as they both gave thanks to all the attendees and the staff at Attenborough Arts Centre who worked to bring the exhibition together. In his speech Tony reflected on his over 20 year relationship with the centre, as he helped guide previous Directors on the building of our accessible gallery and became a part of the first ever exhibition in the gallery.

Tony Heaton OBE and Director Andrew Fletcher giving a speech in the corner of the gallery.

It was an incredible night for all involved and we look forward to exhibiting altered over the next few months. You can visit between 24 March – 25 June in Gallery 1, open 7 days a week.

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