Trans* Postcard Project goes live

A yellow portrait postcard shows two figures, back to back. They have their hands to their mouths as if calling or shouting. The one on the left is blue with pink hair and the one on the right is pink with blue hair. Their hair is long with a voluminous fringe, almost forming a heart-shape together, and they each have a set of horns in nonbinary flag colours. They have shining cheekbones, lips and nose, freckles, dark eye make-up, a slight moustache and a trans symbol tattoo on their shoulders.

To mark the Trans Day of Awareness, March 31, the Attenborough Arts Centre is launching the Trans* Post Project, inviting both trans*/non-binary/non-conforming people to sign up for a free postcard pack and connect creatively this Trans Day of Visibility.

We will send you a pack of postcards in advance of TDOV (31st March), featuring brand new, empowering artworks by Soofiya, Terr and Henry Dow, to send to a friend or keep for yourself. You will also receive a blank postcard template and access to creative tutorial by Soofiya to get you started creating your own TDOV postcard design. We’ll be sharing your creations through an online gallery and using #TDOVpostcards. Despite the isolating circumstances of the past year, we hope this will be an opportunity to feel connected to a bigger community, and to take some reflective creative time this Trans Day of Visibility.

Jenny O’Sullivan (they/them) (nonbinary), Curatorial Trainee at the Attenborough Arts Centre and leader of the project said “Whilst publicly celebrating trans* existences and helping people to feel truly seen is so necessary and can be very empowering, visibility can also be exhausting and dangerous for trans people. I hope this project can be a small way for people to feel seen and connected in their own spaces, despite the isolating circumstances, to take some creative reflective time and to reach out to each other with the result.”

Sign ups are currently open and close on the 21 March.

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