University of Leicester placement students bid their farewells

Two women in high vis, one on a stepladder, and a third sat with a laptop

Over the past 8 week we have had the pleasure of hosting three placements’ students from the University of Leicester MA Museum and Art Gallery studies. 

They have worked within the visual arts team and the marketing and engagement team to gain first-hand experiences in the sector, for them to take forward with them within their future careers. We heard from them when they first started, and now we hear from them again, in their own words, about their experiences, positives, and joys. 

Marie Løcke Mortensen, Visual Art placement: 

Nothing could have prepared me for how much I came to enjoy my Visual Arts Placement at Attenborough Arts Centre. Not only have I woken every day looking forward to meeting at work, but everyone has also made us feel like part of the team and I have learned so much from this incredible experience. Our supervisor, Rachel Graves, has been absolutely amazing in supporting and teaching us all about curatorial work. I have learned so much from Rachel. It was also great teamworking with Alice and sharing an office with Paige, as we shared experiences and good laughs. I am so grateful for this opportunity and eight weeks go by too fast when you are genuinely enjoying yourself.  

Alice Whitehead, Visual Art placement: 

My placement experience went completely above and beyond what I expected, and I loved every day of the eight weeks. Our supervisor, Rachel, has been so kind and supportive during our time here, whilst also helping us prepare for future job interviews. I am most proud of the exhibition guide that Maria and I produced- be sure to come to Yambe Tam’s exhibition from September to November to see it!  

Paige Manning, Marketing and Engagement placement: 

Over these past eight weeks I have learned so much valuable information about marketing and audience engagement. It has been so eye-opening to understand the needs of different audiences that can be further broken-down into more segments, to truly engage with their needs and wants. Marketing is such a valuable part of museum and gallery work that allows for the amazing exhibitions and events to be appreciated and understood, and I am grateful to have been involved in it. The whole team at the AAC has been so supportive and kind, especially my supervisor Adam. I am so grateful to have completed my placement in such a lovely place with my two lovely friends Maria and Alice. I look forward to what is coming up in my future career! 


We look forward to seeing what our placement students get up to in their future careers and wish them all the best of luck. 

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