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2020 Music Scholarship Audition Results

A woman with short dark hair and glasses wearing a jumper, playing the cello.

“Music is the medicine of the soul and I think this is more important than ever in the current climate so I’m very grateful for this opportunity.”

After what has been a tumultuous year, it gives us great pleasure to announce even more good news.

Every year, The University of Leicester and the Attenborough Arts Centre audition dozens of musicians across a wide range of disciplines for scholarships; the University of Leicester Alumni Scholarship and the Philharmonia Scholarship, philanthropically funded through donations from Alumni and friends.

As ever, we were blown away by the quantity and quality of the applicants. This caused a very welcome problem for us and, as hard as it was, we were only able to award a 16 scholarships. Those who were unsuccessful this time please do not be downhearted or take this as a rejection of your talents – keep going and feel free to apply again in the future.

To those who have been awarded scholarships, congratulations! We know that you will treat this scholarship for what is it – an opportunity to develop your skills and keep pushing the boundaries of the artform.

Alistair Burns, customer services manager at the Attenborough Arts Centre, said “we are always excited for when scholarship season comes around. Looking at the people who have won them previously we know the impact they can have and the joy they bring to the musicians – a chance to properly focus on their music without distraction.”

We spoke with some of the musicians who won a scholarship and heard what this means to them.

Jeremy Tang, Baritone

Jeremy Tang, wearing a black blazer against a plain wall


“Being in medicine I never thought I would have the time to practice my piano, let alone pick up a new instrument. But thanks to the weekly sessions provided by Paul and the musical community I’ve found a new passion in singing. Hearing that I got the musical scholarship is just the validation I need that this was not a phase but a stepping-stone to furthering my repertoire and skill. Thank you so much for giving me this opportunity!”






Jenny O’Sullivan Cello

Here is Jenny playing in an orchestra, photo credit Yuchen Zhu


“Playing the cello has been a huge part of my life since I was 12. I’m so glad to have the opportunity to start having lessons again, and really looking forward to getting more involved with music in Leicester!”





Mimi Bird, Viola

Mimi with her viola


“Music is the medicine of the soul and I think this is more important than ever in the current climate so I’m very grateful for this opportunity.”







The full list of scholarships awarded is below:

2020 Music Scholarship Audition Results

Alumni Scholarships

Rebecca Hughes, Voice

Annie Nair, Voice

Angela Schmitz, Voice

Chris Stocker, Voice

Mimi Bird, Viola

Emily Robinson, Tenor Horn

Sogo Moriyama, Vibraphone

Max John, Composition

Alice Chambers, Voice

Jeremy Tang, Voice

Zydrune Jasiunate, Voice

Sandeep Kandola, Sarangi

 Philharmonia Scholarships

Lauren Nichols, Flute

Jennifer O’Sullivan, Cello

Jessica Pascal, Trombone

Annik Schenck, Violin

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