A look back on 6 years working with Children in Need

Saturday 14th November is a momentous day for the Attenborough Arts Centre as it marks our 6th anniversary working with Children in Need, who have generously support our Inclusive Youth Arts Programme for children and young people with complex needs and disabilities to take part in the arts, socialise and feel great about their achievements.

At a glance

  • Money received: £174,000 over 6 years
  • People supported = over 200 children
  • Number of events: 144 events

The work that our education team have been able to achieve thanks to the generous support form CIN be measured quantifiably, the impact that it has had on the children and families involved is far more important and broad. We spoke with a few who told us what the project meant to them…

“Our children have really enjoyed the programme. It has enabled them to feel fully inclusive in a programme that has given them the opportunity to express themselves through creative art”

“During lockdown our daughter has had to be shielded so it has been difficult to keep her happy and motivated during this time. She’s not been able to see any friends. Doing the online dance has allowed her to do an activity she really enjoys from home which has been great.”

The Wheelchair dance sessions have also been part of our Inclusive Youth Arts Programme generously funded by CIN. During the initial lockdown period, we had the pleasure of dance instructor Louise Kay do a fun and energetic Wheelchair dance sessions, keeping people active and engaged while they were forced to stay at home. You can see one of the dance sessions below.

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