Our first digital exhibition launches

Whilst our gallery doors remain closed under the current restrictions we are finding new ways to bring our visual art programme direct to you. Tim Neath’s solo exhibition, ‘Cowboys Invaded’, was due to open in our galleries in January, but instead you can virtually explore his work and find ways to tap into your own cardboard creativity in this digital exhibition.

With the centre still closed, the visual arts team have worked hard to ensure that the diverse and varied gallery programme is still engaging and accessible. By creating our first digital gallery, more people than ever will be able to explore the art we would normally have in our spaces.

Rachel Graves, the Visual Arts Officer for Attenborough Arts Centre, said ‘It’s been hard seeing the gallery empty. With this new digital exhibition we hope that people will be able to enjoy and experience our programme and the work of Tim Neath, even without being able to come into the space. By making this exhibition an online event we can also attract people from across the country and even the world, sharing the work of Leicester artists with even more attendees.’

Tim Neath is an artist based at 2 Queens in Leicester and was commissioned by Attenborough Arts Centre earlier this year to support him in the completion of this long-term project. Tim has carefully crafted this sprawling model world using everything from recycled cardboard to paper plates, brought to life with equally DIY special effects in homage to the B-movie genre.

You can visit the exhibition here.

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