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Build Your Life Drawing Habit to Reap These Benefits

Did you know that from the very earliest of times, people have been drawing each other? It is an amazing discipline that benefits both professional artists and casual drawers alike by teaching hand-eye coordination, observational skills and aiding relaxation.

We run a range of life drawing classes that explore varying topics and are open to all levels, but here are some benefits that can come from trying something new that humans have done for centuries.

Boosting Body Image

Research from Professor Viren Swami at Anglia Ruskin University in 2015 found that those that attended regular life drawing classes had higher rates of a positive body image and lower drive of social physique anxiety.

“These studies indicate that life drawing classes may promote an embodying experience that leads to a healthier body image amongst participants. Life drawing sessions may also provide spaces for people to explore relationships with their own bodies and critically appraise media depictions of ‘idealised’ bodies.” – Professor Viren Swami

Building Problem-Solving Skills

In life-drawing classes you can be asked to complete drawings in a short amount of time, which means you have to work with quick, minimal strokes. You have to learn to problem solve! Instead of mindless drawing, you learn to quickly estimate proportions and angles, and not waste time on too many details. Developing your problem-solving skills can translate into many different areas of life.

Practice Mindfulness

Drawing in-general is a wonderful way to bring more mindfulness into your life, as you take the time to do something for yourself and focus on a creative pursuit. Many people have found that life-drawing helps them when they are feeling stressed or anxious. And you don’t have to do it by yourself, you can also join a class with a friend or family member.


Throughout the seasons we run a range of life drawing courses and one-day workshops to allow everyone the ability to take part. Why not give our What’s On a browse by clicking here and get involved today.

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