Attenborough Arts Centre is the largest contemporary art gallery in Leicester and one of the largest in the East Midlands. The gallery was funded by Arts Council England, University of Leicester and over one thousand public donations.

We curate four free-to-access gallery spaces hosting a wide range of art pieces from artists all around the world from across the spectrum of artistic disciplines.

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In Which Language Do We Dream?

Saturday 26 March – Sunday 5 June 2022
Gallery 1
This exhibition is a co-created project, bringing together a 5-year photographic collaboration between Rich Wiles and the al-Hindawi family through discussions with curator Anne McNeill at Impressions Gallery.

It has been 10 years since the beginning of the Syrian Civil War in 2011, that has seen more than 500,000 people killed or missing and an estimated 6.6 million Syrians forced to flee their countries and homes. Within the UK, we have seen many new headlines about refuges, their plight and their changed lives. However, what happens after displacement to those who are resettled and forced to rebuild their lives? ‘In Which Language Do We Dream?’ offers the perspective of a Syrian family, the al-Hindawi family, about their first-hand experiences of displacement, integration and home, as it challenges our perception of refugees to counter the negative views held within politics, the media, and our society.

Drawing of a fallen figure created with black ink on a while background.

Making Solid: Unpredictable Bodies

Saturday 9 April – Sunday 5 June 2022
Gallery 2
Sam Metz is an artist who works with movement and performance, which attempts to translate the experiences of being a disabled neurodivergent performer with sensory processing differences and Tourette’s.

Making Solid: Unpredictable Bodies explores what an unpredictable body is and how a disabled body’s presence transgresses societal restrictions. The project investigates how movement can be made solid, and Metz is interested in the relationship between sculpture, mark-making and stimming. The artist uses drawing as a form of stimming, a common process used by autistic and neurodivergent people to self-regulate their emotions using repetitive movements or sounds to manage feelings of being overwhelmed, but importantly, can also express a range of emotions such as joy.

Delusions of Grandeur

Friday 22 April – Friday 22 July 2022
Bethlem Museum of the Mind
Multidisciplinary artist David Parkin presents a funny and fearless installation that tells you everything you didn’t want to know about being sectioned.

Delusions of Grandeur is a multidisciplinary installation that explores David Parkin’s stay at the NHS after he suffered his first bi-polar manic episode in 2015 and was sectioned for four months. After premiering in 2019 at the Attenborough Arts Centre to an overwhelming public response, it quickly became the art centre’s most well attended artwork and was scheduled to be shown in London.

Abstract colourful painting of Bruce McLean's garden.

Bruce McLean: Black Garden Paintings

25 June – 2 October 2022
Gallery 1 & 2
A sculptor, performance artist, filmmaker and painter, Bruce McLean is one of the most important figures in British contemporary art. This summer, Attenborough Arts Centre will present the most comprehensive exhibition of McLean’s Black Garden paintings.

Bruce McLean’s garden paintings are inspired by the beautiful, vibrant garden his wife Rosy has created at the couple’s home on the Spanish island of Menorca. The works showcase McLean’s virtuoso technique and dazzling use of colour – hot pinks, cobalt blues, and deep oranges vivid against a dark background. Monumental in scale the paintings hover somewhere between reality and abstraction with hints of pathways, ponds, flowers, and shrubs.

For McLean the Black Garden paintings are a response to the garden as a physical space, exploring aspects of light and shadow; they are paintings made by a sculptor.

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Visual Artist Support Commissions: Attenborough Arts Centre & Disability Arts Online

Five disabled artists were given Support Commissions through 2021 by Disability Arts Online and Attenborough Arts Centre. The programme took place between February and July 2021 and offered each of the artists £1500 towards the creation of a new piece of work, plus group sessions, training and one-to-one development time with DAO and AAC staff.
Ashton Attzs

Trans Post Project

The Trans Post Project is back for 2022 and Attenborough Arts Centre invites you to sign up for a free postcard pack to connect creatively this Trans Day of Visibility. Click below to find out more about how you can get involved and the incredible artists involved in the project.

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