Help Us Help You – Attenborough Arts Centre Survey 2021

A group of people in the gallery, with the camera focused on a women in a colourful coat chatting to a women in front of her.

Our audience is everything to us. From our exhibitions to our events and workshops, you are always placed at the heart of what we create. Which is why we are so passionate about getting to know you!

Our 2021 survey is designed to help us understand your needs and wants when it comes to the Attenborough Arts Centre. What draws you to the AAC? Are you more of an art lover, or totally obsessed with live theatre? Do you visit to feel inspired, or do you visit to become part of the community? Whatever your motivations are, we want to know.

The feedback you provide us every year remains vital for our team, as it allows the AAC to discover more about you which in turn builds our understanding our current (and future) audiences.

All our efforts are to inspire, educate, and represent all. This means that the more we can attune our outputs to your needs, the more we can give everyone the best possible experience when visiting. Even if you have only visited once or come every week, your voice is important. However, to sway you more, here are three reasons why you should complete the survey today:

  1. Your information helps us tailor our work to your needs.
  2. It builds our communication abilities with you.
  3. It only takes 5 minutes!

The perfect amount of time to put the kettle on and make a perfect brew while completing the survey.

Anything you tell us will be kept confidential, with all the information provided held by the Attenborough Arts Centre and The Audience Agency, who are running the survey on our behalf. All information is anonymous and will only be used for research purposes by our team. The survey is online, however, we do have physical forms that can be filled out at Attenborough Arts Centre if you prefer.

Click here to take part today and then explore some of the amazing events we have going on right now.

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