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How To Start an Art Habit

A hand painting onto a mirror with a brush.

We believe that art is one of the most amazing practices in the world but sometimes it can be hard to get into the rhythm of it.

Even if you are truly invested in a craft, sometimes life gets in the way! However, the benefits of creating art on the regular are so beneficial, both physically and mentally, that we think it should be practiced as frequently as possible. To aid in this, here are some of our tips to truly carve out a creative habit for yourself in simple and easy ways.

Figure out your creative expression

There are so many disciplines out there to experiment with, and some will be more suited for you than others. To figure out which will be best for you, sit down and have a think about what art forms interest you the most, then make a list and do some research. Our What’s On is a great place to start as we offer diverse courses and workshops that focus on varying creative expression, offering such an amazing place to begin your artistic journey.

Have a ‘Creative Hub’ in your home

By having a space that is solely dedicated to creating art, it reinforces in your mind that this is something for you and your craft only, every time you pass it. Space can be limited and although it would be amazing to have a huge studio space to work within, this isn’t available to most of us. Instead, maybe a section of your desk, or a corner within your room can be your crafting area, ready with the materials you need and a notepad to jot down your ideas!

Focus on the making, not the outcome

We all want to make something amazing in the mediums we are working in, however when your first setting out sometimes we can’t translate what we see in our minds within the art yet. Even when you’ve been doing it for a while, it doesn’t always come out as planned, but this is not only ok but brilliant! It means that you are learning, experimenting, and allowing yourself to try – and that is the most important part. By focusing on the making instead of the final outcome, it allows you to be more creative, in the moment, and experiment with new ways of thinking. Do not let the outcome ruin the experience, instead learn from it, and try again.

Set up a regular time to create

Sometimes it can be difficult to see where to fit in being creative in our day-to-day lives, but dedicating regular time within your schedule to create really pushes you to try more. It’s the same process as establishing the ‘creative hub’ in your home, as it sets a precedent in your mind to create more. Take stock of your schedule currently, and figure out what’s best for you. Even if it’s just 20 minutes, this time taken frequently over a month adds up to so much more creating in your life.

Want to start your own art habit? Visit our What’s On the get inspired today.

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