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The work we do every day helps us to remain at the forefront of arts education. Our team work with new ideas and schools of teaching, developing new tactics and strategies.
Attenborough Arts Centre works closely with academics and researchers from the University of Leicester and across the UK, investigating how the arts can support learning in a wide range of settings.

Our founder and former Patron, Lord Attenborough, campaigned all of his career for the rights of disabled people to have full access to the arts. As an arts centre that places inclusive practice at the heart of all that we do we are determined to work hard to discover and meet the challenges our work identifies.

Due to our unique position of being both part of the University of Leicester and being an active member of the national arts scene, as well as proudly being a leading figure in disabled access to the arts, the Attenborough Arts Centre is the perfectly placed to be involved with research on a wide range of topics, ranging from engagement in the arts among disabled children and young people, through to researching new teaching techniques and accessible learning within gallery settings.
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Creative Engagement Fellowship

Building upon ground-breaking research, we are proud to work with the Wellcome Trust (ISSF) to enable interdisciplinary approaches to research and engagement, by joining academics and artists for the betterment of our communities.

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Thanks to the work that we do with SEN schools around Leicester, we are the forefront of arts education research.


The work we do with The City Classroom and the new research we put in to teaching techniques has seen our findings published around the world


MaxLiteracy offers funding for museums and galleries in England to work in partnership with schools and writers as part of a programme to stimulate literacy through the visual arts.


Explore our research through Figshare, where all outputs are citable, shareable, and accessible.