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Salmon Gallery: Baffled by the baffles?

If you’ve visited the centre recently, you may have seen the colourful new lighting from the acoustic baffles within our Salmon Gallery. Installed just in time for you to enjoy alongside the Bruce Mclean exhibition, they feature lighting strips which illuminate the space with soft hues of blues, pinks, greens and yellows. Each colour gradually fades into the next to create a beautifully calming space for families, children and adults to enjoy. 

You’ll notice that when in the Salmon gallery, spoken words are much clearer and background noise is much lower, making it the perfect space to relax and chat after an afternoon of creativity. The acoustic baffles dampen excess sound making the space soft on the senses and adding to the cosiness of this open and comfy space. 

These ceiling mounted panels work to reduce echo and improve sound levels within the space. When sound reaches the panels, the fibres of the sound-proofing material vibrate and absorb sound. They have been beautifully arranged across the ceiling in a pattern which looks stylish but also gives more coverage to absorb sound.  

The Salmon Gallery space lit up in blue, seating and books in the foreground, window in the background.

Caption: The Salmon Gallery illuminated by the baffles in a soft blue.

Our Salmon Gallery is the perfect spot for anyone including families, students as well as older guests to relax in with the space housing a variety of different soft furnishings, seats and bean bags. Currently, the space also features two of Mclean’s silkscreen works from the Black Garden Paintings exhibition as well as a few of his compelling three-dimensional pieces which integrate painting, mark making and sculpture.

For families and those wanting to learn more about the current exhibit you will find an abundance of learning resources which enable you to dive deeper into the ideas, inspiration and development of the work on display within the centre. Take a deep dive into Mclean’s stunning sketchbook drawings as well as photographs of his vibrant garden in Menorca which inspired the Black Garden paintings within the display cabinets.

hand holding conversation card with the title "What Is Art?"

Caption: The conversation cards within The Salmon Gallery

You can also find conversation cards to help get your children involved in creative conversations and reflect on the variety of works experienced. This dynamic, flexible space is used for a variety of workshops and events too, including the Black Garden Paintings Family Gallery Workshops.

The gallery is open from 12pm – 5pm Monday to Friday, 10am – 4pm weekends.

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