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The Leicester Nine: A Show By Nine 9 Year Olds

Poster featuring nine children with the title 'Bootworks theatre Co. The Leicester Nine'

1 theatre company, 9 local children, 6 days to make a show… what could go wrong?

Bootwork Theatre Co. is collaborating with 9 children to bring you a show that will make you laugh and be entertained but also reflect on our present world, our past and our future.

The Leicester Nine gives children the opportunity to experience the stage and be in the spotlight, enabling them to express themselves through performance. It follows their histories and futures, what they’re most proud of, what they look forward to and their funniest moments.

At 9 years old, they are at the midpoint of being born and being an adult. They have already lived through an eventful 9 years: Brexit, a climate change emergency, COVID-19 and even Donald Trump for a president.

The Leicester Nine is directed by the wonderful James Peachey-Baker, a lecturer in theatre at the University of Chichester who has a passion for making theatre accessible to young people and encouraging children to have fun and build confidence through theatre and performance.

The show is delivered by Bootwork Theatre Co. a theatre company based in Chichester which is always looking at new ways of doing performance and engaging diverse audiences. Bootwork Theatre Co. are a hub of creativity,  providing podcasts, theatre shows and even miniature art installations. Their projects range from funny, strange and sometimes even scary, bringing in references from TV, music and popular culture with an emphasis on making theatre an accessible activity for all to enjoy.

Theatre and performance is known to boost children’s self esteem, help them learn to collaborate with others and improve communication skills whilst also broadening their horizons. Nine is designed to show how thoughtful, creative and intelligent children can be, when given the chance.

If your child or someone you know is 8 years old, be excited because they could have the chance to be a part of this amazing theatre performance next year, or come along and experience the show this later this month. If you’re a fan of live performance, theatre and the expressive arts, why not check out our What’s On page to see the full range of performances and events happening at Attenborough Arts Centre.

This event will be happening on Saturday 27th August 2022, 4pm – 5pm
Ticket price: Pay what you can, £2-£15

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