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Meet our Tutors: The Colourful Jonjo Elliot

In the new year Attenborough Arts Centre will be welcoming artist, Jonjo Elliot as a new creative course tutor, and we cannot wait!

Jonjo’s easily recognisable paintings combine a loose graphic style with abstract elements, references from art history and his own dreams and memories, to create works which feature detailed interiors, portraits, landscapes and still life. You will see how plants play a large role in each image offering glimpses of life and growth in a richly coloured world where pattern and shape is a predominant feature.

Echoing the digital representation of real life through vivid colour and art historical influences, these works speak of the time we live in and the spaces we inhabit. Each work offers a scene which could be walked into, familiar yet fantastical, a growing collection of stories which Jonjo translates through a language of visual representation.

Jonjo says, like most artists, he started sketching at a very early age, losing himself in the process of depicting his surroundings. His career in visual art included training and becoming a master screen printer, graphic designer, photographer and eventually a fine artist, graduating from De Montfort University before setting up a studio in Leicestershire where he creates his bold and vibrant artworks.

Jonjo’s work has appeared on screen in major Netflix shows as well as solo exhibitions with galleries in Los Angeles & the UK alongside group shows in London, Florida, New York City, Palm Springs, Brisbane and Leicester. His work sits in collections in Europe, USA, Australia, New Zealand, UK.

‘Everywhere I go, whatever I see, it all adds to an internal collection of memories which I use to create my works. Each aspect of my paintings relates to a very real place or time in my life’

‘Vessels and Bees’: I’m a little obsessed with pots of all shapes and sizes. Each individual ceramic featured in ‘Vessels and bees’ lives somewhere I’ve visited in the past. The bees live in a little underground nest at the bottom of my garden

From Wednesday 17 January, Jonjo will be kicking off his debut eight-week course at Attenborough Arts Centre with Thinking in Style and Colour.

During the eight weeks of practical workshops, this course will encourage you to create and develop your own recognisable painting style as you explore the impact of colour, topics and themes, and composition.

Book early to avoid disappointment.

See more of Jonjo Elliot’s artworks on Instagram, or discover more on his website.

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