Sculptural Ceramics

10 sessions

  • Venue Studio 4
  • Price £110.00 - £150.00
  • Event type Creative Courses
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10 week course starting on Thursday 4 May 2023.

Course Description:

Clay is a very versatile material and this course will teach you a range of techniques including pinch pot, coiling, slab building, and casting. With the support of Austin, you will be encouraged to adopt an ambitious approach to object making by considering form, space, shadow, balance, and surface detail.

Learn how to transform an idea into reality through scale models making before beginning your final piece. By the end of the course, you will have created a series of unique, small models or a larger piece that can be hand-finished to give the appearance of age.

A course tailored to individual needs, from beginners to those wanting to build on existing knowledge.

Course Tutor:

Known for referencing characterised heads within his sculptures, Austin Orwin equally works in carved organic forms and hand-drawn illustrations. His 16 years of development have grown his skills and passion to the point where he now shares his talents through adult teaching courses across Leicester.